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Tiffany's Joiful Thoughts

Why they call it morning sickness alludes me.  When I was pregnant with my daughter Giovanna, I had morning sickness in the morning, afternoon, evening and what felt like every hour in-between.  It was awful!  However, after a couple of months of devastation and countless trials and errors, I discovered a few home remedies that eased my pain.  It's quite amazing how differently each woman responds to pregnancy.  However, if you are struggling how I was, give these a try.  Let me know if they work for you?



1. Ginger - A natural tummy tamer, ginger helped with my nausea.



2. Eating small meals - Eating small meals helped because I never had too much food in my body.  Too much food sitting in your body can add to the nausea.



3.  Vitamin Water - Whenever I drank juice or soda, it made my nausea worse.  When I drank vitamin water, it did not add to the nausea. Different flavors were better than others. I would recommend trying a few to see which you like best.



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