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Tiffany's Joiful Thoughts

As a new mom, with my son Elijah, I was flabbergasted by the amount of diapers I went through.  Friends and family members told me that it would be crazy but one cannot fathom until they are knee deep.  With so many different brands to choose from and having tried most at least once, here are a few helpful words of wisdom from Tiffany's Diaper Decathlon!

Last Place:  Kirkland Signature - I'm normally a huge fan of anything Costco! With a family of four, we go through food faster than you can say Costco.  However, when it comes to their diapers, run fast.  While they are cheaper than any other brand, they simply don't function as a diaper should.  They leak from the sides, legs, back..... everywhere! I constantly changed Elijah's clothes because the diapers leaked every time Elijah went to the bathroom.  They were a complete disaster.

Bronze Medal: Huggies - While these were far more absorbent than Kirkland Signature, I did notice leakage from time to time but only from the leg area.  The elasticity around the legs didn't seem to hold well enough at times to hold everything in.  I found wet spots in Elijah's clothes.  And, if he pooped, it was everywhere.

Silver Medal:  Luvs - Fabulous! I rarely had a leak and they were competitively priced as well.

Gold Medal: Pampers - I rarely had any leak and the diapers smell great! Pampers reigned over Luvs but only because they were so baby powder fresh and because I loved their sensitive skin diapers. Pampers sensitive skin diapers don't contain any dyes or perfumes.  This was great for me because Elijah has very sensitive skin.  Pampers sensitive skin diapers were my favorite for Elijah.  Pampers regular diapers were my favorite for Giovanna because they were so pleasant to the nose.
What are your favorites??

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