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Tiffany's Joiful Thoughts

Many fathers have a hard time connecting with their infant children because they are so dependent upon their mothers, especially if she is the only source of food and takes on the majority of the responsibility.  I think it's very important for both parents to connect to the infant.  This connection can happen by sharing the responsibility.


My husband made an effort to share the responsibility and be involved a lot when Elijah was an infant.  We shared night shift, we both changed diapers, we both played with Elijah, we both fed Elijah, etc.  


Night shift was very tough for me.  I love my babies, but, I also love getting sleep :-).  It was nice that Plaxico shared this responsibility.


Plaxico and I changed a lot of diapers.  Plaxico didn't mind changing wet diapers, but, he did not want to change dirty diapers.  I remember catching him wear a face mask when he changed Elijah's dirty diapers.....Lol!!  I think he was only able to change Elijah's dirty diapers because they had already bonded and connected.


We both loved feeding Elijah.  In the beginning, I fed Elijah the majority of the time because I breast fed.  However, as soon as I switched to bottles, we both fed Elijah.  This was something that we both enjoyed to do.


Playing, singing, dancing and reading to Elijah were other activities that my husband and I also loved to do with Elijah. Those are things that we still do with both of our children.  It's amazing the closeness that can be attributed through a simple act.


Overall, it is very beneficial to have your spouse involved as much as possible when your child is an infant.  Give your spouse the opportunity to connect and you'll see the beautiful bond that is created when your child is an infant.




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